At Timberline Security Services we can handle all your commercial, residential & multi-family security needs. Every system we install is custom designed for the individual residence or business because no two are ever the same.

The security products we provide include:

Intrusion Protection

alarm.com1We design and install a security system for your home, apartment, office, campus or community depending on your security needs. If you already have a system installed, Timberline Security can offer a competitive price to test and monitor your system.

Timberline Security Services uses only name brand products. For Intrusion Protection we use Honeywell, DSC and GE Security Products. We use as our interactive services.


Incorporating CCTV into your security package will give you the extra coverage that you need to protect your home or office and your valuables. CCTV can be used in small, medium or large applications and can be customized to fit your needs.

For CCTV Timberline Security Services uses Digimerge, Honeywell and Digital Watchdog camera systems

Fire and Life Safety

We provide complete design and installation of fire life safety systems. If you have a spec fire protection system, Timberline Security will be competitive on price and second to none on customer service.

Timberline Security will conduct routine fire inspections to be sure all systems are up to code. If any system is not up to code Timberline Security has the experience to bring your Fire and Life System up to current Georgia code.

Gate Systems

Complete gate system design and installation is available for your community or home. Timberline Security has the most knowledgeable service team available in Atlanta to service your Gate Systems quickly and affordably.

Access Control Solutions


Timberline Security can install and service an access control system for any size office or building.  Timberline Security can build a system that will suite your office and entry requirements.

Timberline Security Services is a certified Supreme Authorized Vendor and Installer.  Our team is highly specialized in biometric/card access control systems for Home, Office and Amenities (Swim/Tennis) for Homeowner Associations and Apartment Communities.