About Us

As you are well aware, companies like to talk about themselves on their websites.  We can tell you that we have over 10 years of experience in the security industry.  We can tell you that we are experts in commercial, multi-family and residential security.  We can even tell you that we are the preferred provider for the Atlanta Area Habitat for Humanity homes.  However, all that is good to know, but it is all about us.

What about you?

It really should be about you.  When you are shopping for security services, you want to know that you are dealing with a reputable, honest company with integrity.  You want to know that the company will treat you right and do what they say they will do.  You don’t want high pressure sales tactics, gimmicks, hidden costs or surprises.  You want straight answers to your questions and a company that will go the extra mile for you.

Don’t you want quality security products and services at competitive prices?

Well congratulations, you just found all of that at Timberline Security Services!